Exercise in Branding: The Presidents

29 October 2012 in All Blog Posts, Branding

Branding LBJ

Branding Truman

Interesting exercise in branding. You can see the rest of them here.

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Quick Note on SOPA/Protect IP

18 January 2012 in All Blog Posts, Our Sites

We’re not interested in using this blog as a platform for political speech. But considering how we, and any other operators in the Social Media space will be affected by this¬†legislation, we’re going to be “blacking out” several of our websites tomorrow, along with Reddit, Wikipedia, CraigsList, and others.

For more information, please see the following infographic:

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Google+ Brand Pages Are Live

9 November 2011 in All Blog Posts, Google+

Though if you read Robert Scoble’s take on their first incarnation, it ain’t pretty…

Honestly, we think this is just a matter of expectation management. Facebook has had multiple revisions over the years, but users are expecting everything G+ does to have parity with Facebook. But this kind of thinking leaves Google with the choice between launching a possibly overblown and incomprehensible product, or leaving a few people, like Robert, disappointed.

He’s got a right to be disappointed, and all his points are valid. It’s just that, in our estimation, it seems like Google’s just being cautious. The next update to brand pages, however, will prove whether we’re right, or wrong on this.


I’ll take Websites for $400 Alex…

9 November 2011 in All Blog Posts, Our Sites

One of Creative Combat’s websites was the $400 question in the “Websites” category on Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions this past Friday.

Bullshido.net is a Mixed Martial Arts and Combat Sports (Boxing, Wrestling, Shooting, etc.) website, which has a side mission of “fighting BS in the Martial Arts”, or in other terms, consumer protection. In fact, it’s pretty much the only consumer protection group for the billion dollar Martial Arts industry.

With around 120,000 members (as of this post), the site is almost completely driven by user content; discussions, product reviews, and even feature articles are all provided by experts in its member base.

Here’s the video:

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Google+ Cheat Sheet

10 July 2011 in Google+

This has been making the rounds on Google+.  Credit goes to +Simon Lausten.

Google+ Cheat Sheet

Google+ Cheat Sheet

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